About Omsairam Steels Pvt Ltd

Omsairam  Steels  &  Alloys  Pvt.Ltd  is the name of trust  forever providing strength & security to nation’s infrastructures on the brand name  of  UMA  500  TMT  Bars.  We  are  one  of  the  few  reputed companies  to  produce  best  quality  reinforcement  steel  with  world renowned QST (TMT) technology by purest raw material (M.S.Billet) which is manufacture in our melting division of Omsairam  Steels & Alloys Pvt.Ltd.

The  Rolling  division  of  Omsairam  Steels  &  Alloys  Pvt.  Ltd. adapted best technologies, high speed rolling mill, loop scanner, twin channel   to   insure  &  developed   trust  for   all  quality   parameters. UMA   500 TMT Bars committed to develop confidence to end user for consistent quality throughout length of the bars. UMA 500  TMT Bars is available in customers demand sizes from 8 mm to 40 mm of all ISI grade. Omsairam Steels & Alloys Pvt.Ltd accredited by IS 1786/ 2008 & ISO 9001:2015.

Happy Clients

Omsairam Steels & Alloys Pvt. Ltd is makers of the MS Billets in its melting division and UMA 500 TMX Steel Bars in its rolling division by using its own MS Billets . Omsairam Steels & Alloys Pvt. Ltd mainly supplies high end MS Billets to its rolling division as a raw material for the production of UMA 500 TMX Bar. Equipped with a state-of-the-art Quality Control Unit powered by the most modern spectrometer Omsairam Steels & Alloy Pvt. Ltd produces MS Billets with an ideal chemical composition, resulting in the production of high quality steel bars with high strength as well as ductility.