Best TMT Bars Supplier in India

Omsairam steels & alloys Pvt. Ltd. are best TMT Bars supplier in India. We are one of the reputed organization engaged in manufacturing & supplying a wide range of TMT Bars.We have carved a niche for ourselves in the market. They are highly recommended for use in high- rise building because of the saving of steel through higher strength.

How Uma steels TMT bars are manufactured?

Uma Steels TMT bars are manufactured using this specially designed Tempcore Technology. Under this process, the water pressure is optimised and this sudden change in the temperature makes the outer layer of the steel bar tough.This helps equalise the temperature difference between the outer layer and the soft inner core.

We are highly dedicated towards providing a qualitative assortment of TMT Bars. We ensure to deliver these products as per the clients’ detailed specifications.  Intensive cooling by the Omsairam Steels & Alloys Pvt. Ltd. is followed by further cooling in atmosphere, so that the temperature between the core (which is steel hot) and the cooled surface layer is equalized, and the surface layer gets tempered by the heat from the core. The resulting structure is a tempered martensite zone at the periphery and a fine grain ferrite pearlite structure in the central zone.

TMT Bars are made with high strength and ductility and this is most requiring component for constructing a house, building and other construction structures, it holds the concrete blocks together and maintains the structure of your house. The market abounds in many TMT Bars suppliers in India and it is overwhelming work to choose that which TMT Bars is good.


We are foremost organization, actively betrothed in providing MS TMT Bars that meet on client’s demand. Furthermore, we offer this product at nominal rates.


  • Durable finishing
  • Water resistant
  • Competitive price
  • Longer life
  • Easy to use

Why we need TMT Bars?

TMT bars are one of them most important construction materials that are widely used for building homes, multi-storeyed high rise, bridges, flyovers and other civil engineering structures. TMT bars are widely used in the constructing buildings and other concrete structures. These bars are used to reinforce the concrete. TMT bars forms a strong bond with the concrete. Also, it has thermal capability which makes the TMT bars resistant to fire accidents. TMT bars are preferred as a construction material for numerous reasons. Their unique properties have made them ideal for various types of construction work. The properties of TMT bars include super ductility, superior strength, and weldability. Moreover, TMT bars are earthquake resistant. It is a special type-of bar manufactured using a latest technology. In developed countries only TMT Bar is used for construction activities.

Why we Choose Omsairam steels and alloys pvt ltd?

We are one of the few reputed companies to produce best quality reinforcement steel with world renowned QST technology by purest raw material (M.S.Billet) which is manufacture in our melting. Omsairam steels & alloys Pvt. Ltd is primary TMT Bar producer in India. Uma steels as been recognized as ‘Best TMT Bars supplier in India.’

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