MS Billets

One of the most important materials needed for high-quality construction is steel, which is consumed in form of bars and the best raw material to produce high-quality steel bars is MS Billets. At Omsairam Steels & Alloys Pvt.Ltd, we produce ideal billets that result in top quality steel bars. One of the major steel bar/TMX bar producers in Jalna, company’s melting division and rolling division are situated at a very close distance in the same industrial area.

Here is the thorough process we carry out to produce Billets:

  1. We procure high quality sponge iron/DRI. The material is stored in our 15000 Sq. Ft. Raw Material Yard. The quality of this material is an important factor in producing high quality MS Billets that result in best TMX Steel Bars.
  2. The magnetic crane feeds the sponge iron to a furnace. Along with sponge iron, we also feed end cuts of finished steel bars. And iron for making molten metal The furnace melts the fed iron.
  3. The molten lava is then checked for ideal chemical composition with the help of state-of-the-art Spectro Meter and C&S Apparatus.
  4. The molten lava then goes to the coreless-induction furnace, in which the impurities are sifted to the top. The induction furnace then tilts and pours away the impure liquid, hence achieving the first step towards high quality MS Billets.
  5. During the next step, micro-alloying elements are added to the refined metal to achieve ideal composition. During this process the metal is repeatedly tested for the chemical composition and appropriate steps are taken until it reaches a satisfactory state. The purer the Mild Steel Billets, the better will be the quality of Steel Bars
  6. The metal is then poured into a ladle to purge it of excessive non-metallic elements. This is done by passing nitrogen through a porous plug.
  7. Now the material is ready to be cast. The liquid metal is fed to a Continuous Casting Set-up, through which it is molded into long, rectangular MS Billets. As the molded metal begins to cool down, it is sprayed with air-mist (a combination of air and water) to achieve quick solidification.
  8. Finally the long casts are cut into MS Billets of following sizes as per the requirement:
    1. 100 X 100 Sq. Mm.
    2. 110 X 110 Sq. Mm.
    3. 125 X 125 Sq. Mm
    4. 160 X 160 Sq. Mm.