UMA 500 TMT Bars

The reason why UMA  500  TMT  Bars deliver in quality lies in its well-planned and efficient production process. Here is how we produce one of the high-quality steel bars of not only Jalna region of Maharashtra but also of India.

Here is the thorough process we carry out to produce billets

  • Feeding

    Procured MS Billets are checked for the quality and, upon satisfaction, fed to the re-heating furnace by a crane.

  • Re-heating Furnace

    Rolling division is equipped with a gas fired furnace. This furnace is supported by a Palwalejer, one of the best in the industry. The Palwalejer runs on coal and other biomass fuels, hence it is not only an eco- friendly way of heating the furnace, but also a cost effective way as the costs of petroleum  and  other  fuels  are  ever  rising.  making  us  one  of  the  largest producers  of steel  bars/TMT  Bars  in  the  Jalna  region  of Maharashtra.  The furnace is supported by a technology that analyzes the gas fuel automatically as  well  as  adjusts  the  temperature  to  maintain  it  ideally.  This  re-heating furnace has been designed especially for MS Billets. Hence it is not possible to feed it with ingots or any other inferior raw material.

  • Roughing Mill

    The heated steel is fed to the roughing mill. Our roughing 18 3-High mills are capable of consuming MS Billets from 125 X 125 mm. Operating at 12 HP, this roughing mills can roll billets from 159 KG to 950 KG. Passing through several narrow passes, the billets are turned  into steel bars.

  • 16`` Intermediate Mill

    The hot and elongated steel bar passes to the 16 Intermediate Mill. It rolls over the bearing-operated stand, which operates on a 450 DC Motor. Here the bar further elongates.

  • 14`` Intermediate Mill

    The  hot  and  elongated  steel  bar  passes  to  the  14 Intermediate Mill. It rolls over the bearing-operated stand, which operates on a 330 DC Motor. Here the bar further elongates.

  • 12`` Intermediate Mill

    This intermediate mill with two cross-country stands reduces  the  diameter  of  the  steel  bar  and  further  elongates  it.  Every  bearing operated stand is powered by a 330 HP DC Motor.

  • Finishing Mill

    Operated  with  8  stands,  the  DC  motor  powered  finishing  mill ensures that the steel bar is consistently weighs and sizes over its entire length

  • Quenching and Self Tempering System

    Every 8 MM bar passes at 20 mm per second to the TMT Quenching System (QST). This world class technology cools down the bar at a sudden rate by spraying a mixture of airand water.The external temperature of the bar suddenly drops down from 10000 to 4000. Then, as the bar exits the TMT Quenching System, the temperature from its core spreads out re-heating the bar to around 600 0. This ensures that while the bar remains soft at the core it toughens up from the outside, flexible from inside and strong from outside achieving high strength and high ductility. Our TMT Quenching System has been worked upon and improved into a Double Quenching Box, which ensures that the quenching happens at the right speed ensuring consistent quality throughout the length of the steel bar. This generates a better microstructure in the steel bar. The fly shears resent in this system cut the steel bars in desired length.

  • Cooling Bed

    Our two cooling bed, For both mill independently 5 meters X 78 meters in length is made of finest steel, which ensures that the freshly produced and still hot bars are handled delicately so as not to harm them with dents or any sort of inconsistency in shape and straightness. This automated cooling bed collets all the produced TMT bars by itself, not requiring any manual intervention to ensure high quality.

  • Finished Goods Yard

    Our weather-controlled, closed shed finished goods yard of 5500 Sq. meters ensures rust free steel bars which can be quickly delivered with the help of in-house EOT cranes.