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With Omsairam Steels & alloys Pvt.Ltd rich industry experience, we are immersed in manufacturing and dealers in Jalna with a broad array of M.S. Billets. We are produces a wide range of Continuously casted Billets in its Integrated Steel Plant. M.S. Billets are used for rolling of TMT Re-Bars of Fe415 and Fe500 Grade.

What is ms billets?

Omsairam steels & alloys pvt ltd is manufactures and delears in jalna premium quality Mild Steel Billets which includes low alloy (Corrosion Resistant) Mild Steel Billets and also accurate in dimensions. Our wide range of billet bar is used by various mills and industries for further manufacturing of products. We procure our range of billet bars from our reliable vendors. These are available to clients in multiple specifications at uma steels are best ms billets manufacturers & dealers in jalna. Our comprehensive range includes Stainless Steel, Free Cutting Steel, Shape Steel, Cold Heading Steel.

Material MS Features Corrosion Resistant Use Construction With an objective to fulfill the demands of our clients. The products of the company are manufactured at Jalna and marketed under the brand Omsairam Steels & Alloys PVT.LTD. are earthquake proof and corrosion resistant. Uma steels has a wide market presence across various infrastructure segments including rail, roads, bridges, ports, airports, defence and energy.

  • The gas in liquid steel escapes during solidification owing to continuous casting technology.
  • In billet owing to continuous casting chemical alloys are uniformly spread.
  • In continuous casting, no centre piping blow hole, crack or inclusion is formed.
  • The surface of billet is clear with no scabs and laps due to smooth copper mould surface.
  • TMT Re-bars produced from continuous casting billets show high tensile strength and elongation and there is remarkable consistency of properties.
  • In continuous casting technology liquid steel flows from furnace to caster through a copper mould. The water in the mould gets cooled and oscillates at a predetermined rate. The oscillation, cooling and pausing is done in such a controlled condition that the liquid steel solidifies into equiaxed crystals.

Types of ms billets

  • S. Billets are used for rolling of TMT Re-Bars of various other structural steel products.
  • Special Alloy Billets are used for rolling of any special grade TMT Bars like Earthquake resistant TMT Bars and for special grade structural steel products.

Features of ms billets

  • Excellent Surface Finish
  • Dimensional Tolerance
  • No Internal Defects
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistant property

Why we choose Omsairam steels & alloys pvt ltd?

Omsairam Steels & Alloys Pvt. Ltd mainly supplies high end MS Billets to its rolling division as a raw material for the production of UMA 500 TMX Bar. Omsairam Steels & Alloy Pvt. Ltd produces MS Billets with an ideal chemical composition, resulting in the production of high quality steel bars with high strength as well as ductility.

Omsairam steels and alloys pvt ltd has superior design, engineering and quality manufacturing process provides the ideal strength and flexibility required in today’s construction industry.

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